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I started engineering in 1997 and have been doing it on major label releases since 1999. Music has been my passion since I was a child. When I started 2” tape was still the standard medium and I have transitioned, along with the entire music industry, to Pro Tools early on in my carrer in 2000. It was an interesting time going from 2” to Pro Tools. A lot of people were skeptical at first and missed the 2” sound. Since I transitioned early I learned how to adjust to working with the new format and have been able to exploit it to it’s fullest potential. I don’t believe necessarily with the notion that one format is better than the other I just think you have to approach them very differently to get the best results. I have been Mixing since 2000 and have really been crafting that skill since. I have really learned how to get a mix “in the box” to “sound like a record” as is evident in my discography.